Get the Parenthood Rights by Establishing Paternity Knowing Fathers Rights Utah

Oklahoma law orders the mother to receive automatically the sole custody of a child born after the wedlock. It also means any man fathering a child with a woman he is not married means he does not have custody automatic rights to the child. It is essential for unmarried fathers rights utah to establish paternity at the earliest as you are unmarried so that you get the parenthood rights and responsibilities.

Establish Paternity

There are ways to prove paternity for a man in Oklahoma State:

  • Voluntarily accepting paternity: In case your name does not appear on the birth certificate, while the mother accepts you are the father of the child, then you both can sing an ‘Affidavit Acknowledging Paternity’. This is a notarized written statement that is a legal document confirming you as the child’s father. This is a form available in the hospital and it can be obtained from the vital records of the Oklahoma state division. However, be aware that in case the mother disagrees, establishing paternity through this form is impossible.
  • The Affidavit acknowledging paternity accepts you as the legal parent, it does not offer you the fathers rights utah such as you do not get the right of visitation or custody or even support obligations of the child. In case, you have doubts about being the child’s father, it is best you refrain from signing the form, else it may become difficult to overturn it legally later.
  • Paternity lawsuit filing: Fathers rights in Oklahoma allow the father to go to the court and to file a paternity lawsuit. This will involve genetic testing and determine if you are or not the father. Genetic testing is done using a buccal swab in the mouth and this testing gives 99% or more probability of paternity to legally declare you as the father.